Simple. But Smart?

  • Posted by on January 21st, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Would love some input from some smart people.

As a Trader my whole career, my time-frame has always been no longer than the medium term. As such, I consider myself to be a shitty investor. I just don’t have the patience to ride out an investment thesis. Thankfully, I recognize my short-comings.

This being said, I’m attempting to implement a long-term minimal touch strategy to invest my cash savings (non-trading funds) . If you know anything about me… you know I like to keep things as simple as possible – whenever and wherever possible.

Is maintaining a portfolio invested 50% in $SPY and 50% $TLT (or a better bonds alternative), rebalanced at regular intervals too simple? Does that provide one with reasonable diversification and dividend income?

I’d appreciate any and all suggestions.