An Interview with Jon Boorman

  • Posted by on September 10th, 2015 at 12:15 pm

“You learn more from your losses than you do your wins.” — @jboorman

Most trading cliches exist for a reason — because most of them are true. For Jon Boorman, he can relate to many of the old standbys about “failure” because he firmly believes his failures laid the groundwork for the portfolio manager he is today. He’s had plenty of opportunities to learn: “I’ve probably made every single mistake there is to make,” says Jon. “And I probably will make some of them again in the future.”

Jon Boorman spent many years in London working for some of the largest and most prestigious firms and trading desks in the business before relocating to the United States when he began to get his thoughts straight about what he truly believed in as a Trader and in portfolio management. Then he struck out on his own.

A dozen years later, Boorman primarily trades equities and classifies himself as a ‘trendfollower,’ which makes him somewhat unique in a space that is traditionally dominated by CTAs (commodity trading advisors) who trade commodities & financial futures as well as foreign currencies, both long and short.

Due to style and strategy constraints which we discuss in this podcast, Boorman employs strictly long-only stock trades and a commonsense approach to position sizing which makes his style easily accessible to market professionals, neophytes, and your common layperson.

Oh, and did you know this self-described introvert is the lead singer of a rock band? You gotta hear this…

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~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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