An Interview with @bclund

“Be wary of early success. That’s not the way its going to be in the market over the long haul.”

In his first summer as a neophyte trader, young Brian Lund made more money than he had his entire working life in total up until that point.  As expected, that trend continued unabated and he has since joined the pantheon of “Market Wizards.”

Err… about that…

Ok, maybe I took a little creative license in that opening paragraph. At least that second sentence.

After that amazingly glorious opening intro to the stock market, Brian Lund — known on StockTwits as @bclund — armed with a swelling trading account and cocksure confidence quickly learned about hubris and the beginners curse.

This wide-ranging and fun conversation dissects the early mistakes and misperceptions that plagued Brian’s development phase, then we delve into his experiences of moonlighting as a day trader in between calls and paperwork at his office where he ran a high-end transport & logistics company.

From there, we talk about some insights he gleaned about the pitfalls that trip up newbie traders from his perch at a social fintech startup and why 2015 is the best time in history to be an investor or trader learning the craft.

Our conversation begins here:


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