Shoutout Friday!

If you are an active trader but not on StockTwits yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

@howardlindzon, @ppearlman, and @zerobeta (Howard, Dr. Phil, and Justin, respectively) are busting their asses building an amazing platform for traders to discover new ideas, new opinions, and new trades in real-time. I’m sure there are many more people behind the scenes – but these are the guys I follow and whom I’ve met in person. As trading pits and bank trading desks become more relics of the past, the StockTwits platform is becoming the new meeting place for some of the best minds and ideas.

@agwarner is an options wizard with a ridiculous comprehension of that incomprehensible family of products related to VIX. His blog and steady stream of relevant tweets throughout the day are a must for any options trader. And he just published a book packed with enough information to thoroughly confuse you at first, but once you let the info perculate, you’ll be glad you were patient.

@biggercapital is a money manager and a hockey fan. This alone is enough to get most anybody on my list. But on top of this, he’s full of great ideas and has been beyond generous in trading ideas back and forth with me.

Similar to Biggie above, @toddsullivan ($manager/hockey fan) is a sweetheart of a guy with lots of ideas for value investors. While he was in Chicago for the StockTwits bootcamp in early June, me and some of the Chicago guys took him out to experience Chicago Blackhawks Playoff hockey. He survived like a champ (unlike the Hawks who lost that night).

Speaking of Chicago guys:

 @coffeygrinds will wow you with man-on-the-street videos about whatever’s on his mind – shot from his iPhone. Ding Dong! He also would love it if you followed @mrtopstep for great insight straight from the S&P pit at the CME. Coffey works with @optionmonster (aka, Dr. J) who is always sharing great insight into actionable ideas in the options market.

@sellputs is a prop trader in Chicago who just might single-handedly break every algo-machine east of the Mississippi if given the chance – with a baseball bat – Office Space style.

@The_Real_Fly has quickly become my favorite blogger. This guy hates everyone and everything, except making money – which he claims to do in spades. Whether you believe his boasts or not is irrelevant. What is certain is you’ll be entertained as he skewers wannabe Traders left and right daily. You can find his blog here. Enjoy.

And continuing with the angst them, Karl Denninger’s The Market Ticker is quite interesting (though sometimes a bit long-winded). This guy is all over our Government’s shit, and I like it. And to boot, he lives in Florida’s panhandle and is giving a boots-on-the-ground account of oil spill related politics.

Tim Knight and his blog Slope of Hope is a daily read for me. It is its own community of contributors with a culture all its own. Packed with great info. You can also follow him on twitter: @SlopeOfHope

@AndySwan doesn’t blog every day, but his posts are always packed with great info for investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. His frequent tweets are a delight – he pulls no punches. Hippies, beware!

There are many many more great market tweeters and bloggers to mention, but this is enough to get you started. Perhaps I’ll round up another list next Friday. In the meantime, I just figured out how to add a list of many of my favorite blogs to MY blog. So peruse the list along the bottom right for great contributors to our community.

The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog, please see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer.

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