Trading is…


Trading is…

A path to build wealth.

A road to ruin.

Unending entertainment when you’re clueless.

Crushingly boring when done right.

An enlightening window to the world.

A glimpse of humans at their worst.

A venue where lifetime friendships are built.

A dark alley where business relationships are destroyed.

The most satisfying game to master.

The most frustrating occupation to enter.

Filled with some of the most sharing and generous people you’ll ever meet.

Populated by Shysters and Hucksters ready to con you out of your last nickel.

Synonymous with America’s growth and a source of pride.

Occasionally responsible for America’s black eye to the world.

Where new fortunes are cemented.

Where generational family fortunes are forever lost.

Trading is.


Ok kid, have at it. Good luck.





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