The Victim vs The Conquerer

There are several bloggers I read on a regular basis outside of the financial space (yes… they do exist). It helps keep me grounded and is often a nice diversion from number crunching, interpreting macro events, and trading psychology.

This morning I came across this blog post in my Reader from Joel Runyon, author of The Blog of Impossible Things. It wasn’t at all written with Traders in mind, but the parallels to our world were striking – particularly when you frame it within the ongoing Wall Street debate of “humans versus machines.” Everyone loves to complain about HFT algos and assign at least a little bit of their losses to the evil machines, but in the end, it all comes down to you and how you work within the parameters of the system.

Here is an excerpt from his post, with a link to the full read after…

From “The Victim vs. The Conquerer”

The victim wonders why nothing ever goes their way.

The conquerer wonders how lucky they are.

The victim wishes things were different.

The conquerer makes things different.

The victim passes blame and points fingers.

The conquerer accepts blame and moves on.

The victim argues minutiae.

The conquerer understands what matters.

The victim accepts reality and waits for for someone to create their own utopia.

The conquerer rejects reality and chooses to create their own.

The victim whimpers.

The conquerer roars.

The victim complains of unchanging impossibility.

The conquerer relishes the challenge of the impossible.

Click through for the rest of a very inspiring read: The Blog of Impossible Things


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