Social Media “Followship” is a Dead Metric – especially for Investor Relations

Having your communications appear in the right places, at the right times, in the right context is what matters for Investor Relations departments. The 10,000 followbots of your corporate twitter account don’t care about your latest quarterly earnings report. But your investors who demand transparency do, and they are on StockTwits every day.

I can emphatically tell you that the number of people who follow your accounts on StockTwits and Twitter is a dead metric. Few people who care about what a company has to say about its financials are going to follow an IR account (especially if the account isn’t particularly active).

People who want to know important and breaking information about your company are going to look up your ticker stream on StockTwits or Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, CNN Money, or any of our other API distribution partners. They are going to be looking for what people are saying. The beauty of a verified IR account on StockTwits is your most recent messages will always be pinned at the top of your StockTwits ticker stream, getting top billing. And from there, users can dig deeper into your IR account stream for further info direct from you. When your ticker is active, you want to be present and people WILL notice. This is your opportunity to drive conversation.

It’s about being present, being consistent, and earning trust. The number of followers you have is irrelevant. Heck, more than half the twitter followers I have on my personal account are spambots and promoters trying to sell me crap ;)

If you are an IRO or work in the Investor Relations department for a public company, ping me and I can help you join and drive the right conversations in the right places for you.


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