Sometimes, a Guy Just Nails It…

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting @DynamicHedge for the first time at Stocktoberfest in Coronado, CA at the end of October. He floored me when he introduced himself, as for some reason I had it in my head that he was an “elderly” gentleman (at least much older than me). Turns out, he’s not. He just carries himself on his blog and on StockTwits in an extremely well-written and professional manner. (I’m certain nobody mistakes me for being old and/or wise).

It was great to not only chat with him and share beers with him during several social hours over the weekend, but it was great to see him demo some software products he’s been working on. It was amazing to see his thought-process in action.

Anyway, he posted a beauty of a blog post the other day that has caught the attention of several well-regarded bloggers I follow. There’s lots to like in his blog post titled “10 Tips From The Trenches.” But this particular paragraph really grabbed me and I wish it was advice I had received early in my career:

If you’re starting out, don’t worry about being innovative.  Find a methodology and trade it with extreme discipline.  For the first couple years, innovate by reducing your errors.  Only add when there is nothing left to take away.

Nailed it.

So much goodness in this post, you can read the rest here.


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