There is no script. Be in this moment. Trading is Improvising.


Twitter CEO Dick Costello gave the Spring Commencement speech at University of Michigan yesterday afternoon in Ann Arbor, Michigan (in the BIG HOUSE!). Little did I know he and I have so much in common.

He and I are both Graduates of Chicago’s Second City Improv Training Center.

In the above speech, Mr. Costello goes into detail about how his time spent at Second City greatly shaped his outlook on life and the framework from which he makes decisions. One of his greatest takeaways from the experience was to “make bigger choices.” I couldn’t agree more.

He also reminded me of one the other basic tenants of Improv: “There is no script. Be in THIS moment.” Please set aside 17 minutes and watch the above speech. It is fantastic.

Meanwhile, while watching this speech I couldn’t help draw the parallels between what I (and other Improvisors) would attempt to do on stage, to what Trader Seany does in the daily grind of market participation.

In the markets, there is no script.

Yes, patterns repeat themselves (I hear you, Chartists!). But as much as we Traders often attempt to create a narrative in our heads and then try to project our plot upon the markets, we’re often reminded the Market doesn’t give a damn what we think and it just exists in this moment. And then the next moment.

We as Traders will be most successful when we plan for certain contingencies, but allow ourselves to exist in the moment – whatever the markets are offering us. Like the bamboo tree, bending with the shifting winds instead of rigidly resisting (sticking with our narrative) and then having our limbs snapped in the next fierce blow.

Now I really miss my old Second City Group. Some of the best friends I’ve ever made…



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