Stocktoberfest Late-Night

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As set forth in the meeting minutes from last years’ inaugural gathering of the Higher Fraternal Order of Stocktoberfest, it has been established that our Super Secret Invite-Only* meeting shall take place on Thursday late-night at Coronado Island’s signature (read: only) Irish Pub.

Agenda items to be discussed and voted upon:

  • Is Brian Lund (@bclund) really the former drummer for Flock of Seagulls? Why did he quit? Should he jump start a reunion?
  • JC Parets (@allstarcharts): double-agent to infiltrate CNBC network or just an interloper who loves free lunch in their corporate cafeteria?
  • Special stand-up comedy routine from Greg Harmon (@harmongreg). Hilariously obvious or teeth-grindingly boring (like Cleveland)?
  • @ivanhoff: Bulgarian Spy or International Playboy?
  • @DynamicHedge: Who is he really… and why does he send a 25-year old looking man to impersonate him?
  • Phil Pearlman’s (@ppearlman) new haircut: Yay or nay?
  • The meaning of Life.
  • How many beers before @eradke falls off the nearest stage? (I vote two)
  • Why does @codertrader hate Chicago?
  • Should Texas secede from the Union? How can investors position ahead of this news?
  • University of Miami’s (“The U”) embarrassing upset at the hands of UNC earlier that evening: Should @allstarcharts be put on 24-hour suicide watch?
  • Trading from home: pants or no pants and why?
  • Should @ReformedBroker pick up the tab?

If you wish to submit further agenda items for discussion. Please silently recite the fraternal oath, then enter your items in the comment section below.

If you haven’t already registered for the event…. get off your ass:

*It’s neither a secret nor invite-only




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